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Korea's mobile identity verification(본인인증) system is a HUGE challenge for international students.

In Korea, you need to identify yourself with a mobile phone number to use application services.
You need identity verification when ordering food or calling a taxi.
This is the mobile phone identity verification screen.
In the meantime, self-authentication has been possible since the release of RC (ARC).
It usually takes around 2-3 months for the RC (ARC) to be issued.
Thus, for the international students, it took around two months for them to call a taxi through their mobile!
They’ve been calling a taxi on our mobile for too long. It has been two months since we arrived in Korea.
It appoximately took around two months after the arrival in Korea in order to call a taxi by mobile which is really inconvenient.
This is really absurd.
HireVisa is doing best with immigration offices and carriers to solve these problems.
From now on, you can use the self-authentication service within 3 business days after registering your fingerprint.
Isn’t is Amazing?
If there are many applicants, it may be closed on a first-come, first-served basis.
For certain carriers, it may not be available.

How to use

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