[Hirevisa] National Health Insurance E-Notification Apply

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From March 1, 2021, in accordance with Article 109 of the National Health Insurance Act, international students are obligated to join the National Health Insurance. Therefore, international students who is joined to National Health Insurance should apply for the National Health Insurance E-Notification in order to get the payment bill via email.


You only need to apply for the National Health Insurance e-Notification once. Once you have completed your application, you will be able to get online notification for National Health Insurance by email every month instead of the paper notification. Also, you can pay easier by Wechat Pay, Ali Pay, PayPal, Auto Transfer etc. Payment confirmation receipts can be requested to the National Health Insurance Corporation, and the period of request is from 26th to 30th of every month.

Application period

From the 1st to the 5th day of every month

*Applications cannot be made on dates other than the application period. Please apply on the 1st-5th of the following month.
*Students who cannot apply during this time, can apply on the 1st-5th of the following month.

Application procedure

Step1. Click the "APPLY" button
Step2. Enter information and upload inquired documents(ARC)
Step3. Receive an e-mail about the completion of the apply
Step4. Receives and proceeds with payment mail based on the e-notification on 13th ~ 17th of every month

Required documents

Copy of the front&back of Alien Registration Card (ARC)
*If you do not have an ARC yet, please apply after the ARC is issued.


QQ email address may not be sent successfully, so it is recommended to use other email.
If the e-mail has not arrived, please check your spam mailbox.
If you use this easy payment service, a payment/transfer/exchange/service fee may charged to the bill which cause differ from the payment fee on the paper bill from NHIS.
Additional payment may be requested depending on the status of the person's national health insurance subscription and the unpaid fee for the previous months.
If your status of National Health Insurance are a dependent or a working member, may not use this service.
International students who wish to be exempt from the National Health Insurance please apply exemption in person to National Health Insurance .
Inquiries on the status of the national health insurance subscription please contact: National Health Insurance Service Customer Center (1577-1000) foreign language (033-811-2000)



Inquiries about National Health Insurance e-notification and simple payment service of HIREVISA please contact below Kakap Talk