Frequent Asked Question (general)
I want to register as a member on an online site & application in Korea, but I don't have ARC, can I authenticate myself??
Regarding the issuance of a new alien registration card(ARC)
Do I have to apply for an alien registration card?
What's the difference between RC and ARC?
Can I apply if I am not in Korea?
Preparing documents
Is the picture that you used in the past okay?
Where do I get the residence certificate?
Can the balance certificate be a proof of the balance of the home country's bank, not the Bank of Korea?
We will self-isolate during the group application period. I don't think I can apply for a group because there are no documents.
Regarding extension of the period of stay
Is it okay to have only the extension confirmation file after completing the extension of the period of stay?
Where can I verify the extension was extended?
I extended my period of stay, but I only received a confirmation of extension. I would like to change the back of my alien registration card.
Regarding change of status of residence
It is said that it will take 5 weeks after application, but the period of stay in RC is short. Am I okay?
I filed an online notification of change of address, where can I get the documents?
What if the residence contract period expires on the date of application for alien registration card?