Housing Promotion - sinchon/ hongdae

Do you know the Korean chaebol?

Chaebol is a unique corporate structure in Korea. Among them, SK Group is second in the business hierarchy and is very interested in social values. SK D&D, an affiliate of the sk group, is proposing a new type of residence. They want to provide the accommodation through HireVisa.

Information Location : Near sinchon station within 3m

New Bldg, New friend

Benefit for international talent

Priority on internship opportunities (Choose from the list of internship available companies)
The monthly rent is 50% off
The deposit is 90% off

Eligibility to apply

Must be a HireVisa partner university student
GPA of 3.5 or higher in the previous semester (exempted for freshmen this semester)
Outgoing personal

how to choose

Selection based on GPA when there are many applicants
For freshmen, 50% of the total number of students is allocated on a first-come, first-served basis
There may be allocations based on regional diversity

How to apply

apply through KAKAO mm9318