HIREVISA Refund Policy

VISA Refund Policy
Service Type
Refund Policy
Services that are explicitly stated to be non-refundable at the time of service request
Not refundable
Due to customer's error, service can not be completed
Not refundable
Refund of application fee for GKS scholarship recipients
Refund of the amount after deduct the labor and service fee
Cannot use the agency service because of the applicant's documents (Expired passports, expired visa holders, and those who have been dealt with illegally by the immigration office, etc.)
Not refundable
Based on the current date, if the period of stay is more than 4 months, you cannot apply for the extension service
Not refundable
Repeat when applying for immigration and Hirevisa services
Not refundable
Only the payment is successful, but other documents are not received
Not refundable
If you made a duplicate payment due to your negligence
Not refundable

Refund Service Fee

There is a 10% service fee for each cancellation request, regardless of the date of cancellation.
When using overseas payment, the KEB(하나) Bank exchange rate standard applies and refunds are made in ** Korean Won.

Refund Period

When a refund have a valid reason, the date of payment shall prevail and a refund can be made when requested within 7 days.

Refund Application Method

It takes a minimum of 2 weeks to 6 weeks to complete the refund process.
Click "Refund Request" → 1:1 Inquiry → Type of your inquiry → Fill out the Refund Request → SUBMIT