Application period

2022.9.14 9:00 ~ 9.20 18:00

Application Process

Click the APPLY button and follow the process (upload the document).
Hirevisa will send you an email after confirming your application for extension. If you need to supplement it, please look at the contents of the email carefully and supplement it.
Please wait for the email from immigration.
Once all the procedures have been completed, you can receive an extension authorization confirmation by e-mail. * The extension confirmation file has legal effect.


The final issuance period is about 3 to 4 weeks from the time the application is completed at the immigration office.
You must stay in Korea during the administrative agency processing period, and you may not be allowed to leave the country.
Before you apply, please check if you have overdue insurance fee.
There must be no overdue premium and may be rejected at the immigration office when the premium is not paid. The payment fee is 10% of the unpaid insurance fee.
How to check unpaid insurance premiums: EX - ‘The건강보험 App Login → Full Menu → Civil Complaints Here → Application and Payment → Virtual Account Application → Select Insurance Premium to be paid → Full Payment → Virtual Account Application → Transfer on the same day → Completed 로그인 → 전체메뉴 → 민원여기요 → 신청·납부 → 가상계좌 신청 → 납부할 보험료 선택 → 전체 완납 → 가상계좌 신청 → 당일 이체하기 → 완료
The fee is 60,000 won (account transfer, PayPal, Wechat payment method provided)

Guidance on necessary documents for each reason for extension



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