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This application is for foreigners with alien registration or those exempted from the registration, who intend to re-enter the Republic of Korea within his/her period of stay after departing from the country.
All persons who wish to re-enter the ROK shall carry and present a negative COVID-19 certificate issued within 72 hours prior to the date of departure for the ROK to re-enter the ROK( PCR 음성확인서) *Failure to carry and present a negative COVID-19 certificate will lead to denied boarding or re-entry denial.


Foreigners who wish to re-enter the country after departing during the period of stay (with a landing permit) or visa-exempt foreigners


7 days prior to the departure date * We recommend you apply right after you book the flight ticket.

Application Step

Step 1. Click “APPLY”
Step 2. Input your information and upload your required documents
Step 3. Receive the Email that notice you apply successfully
Step 4. Receive the Certificate via email

Required Documents (Looking for detail information, please click"")

① Scanned copy of passport
② Scanned copy of alien registration card
③ Application form for Re-entry Permit
Download here
④ Consent for Submission of PCR certificate before re-entry
Download here
All uploaded documents must be scanned

Service Fee

Service fee, including official application fee is: 35,000 KRW


QQ email address may not be sent smoothly, we suggest using other email addresses.
Please check the spam box if the email is not received。
The service fee can be easily paid through the convenient payment service of us.
A (single) Re-entry Permit allows one to re-enter the ROK one time within the period of permission, which can be up to 1 year within the range not exceeding his/her period of stay.
Not refundable due to unwanted use, cancellation of departure due to Non-urgent matters, etc.


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