Special Housing sponsor

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We have special Sponsor for international talents this Semeter

AIRD korea is an amazingly reliable company. ( aird.kr )
It is the number one company in Korea that provides the most housing solution to international students.
Their aim is to eliminate information asymmetry and provide housing solutions to international students at a fair price.

And they love HireVisa !!

Aird korea is very satisfied with sponsoring hirevisa this semester.
According to the data, more than 30% of aird's users came through HireVisa.
This is more than what we expected! (Special thanks to our international students) So they decided to increase the Benefit for HireVisa buddies.
Benefit (Untile 2022. 9. 30.)
HireVisa buddies can get special benefits from Aird.
$110 : Realtor Fee Voucher (공인중개사 비용)
To take this opportunity, simply choose “Hirevisa” to the question how you reached the AIRD service.
*HireVisa benefits cannot be combined with other promotions.