[NOTICE] This is the page where you can apply for self-quarantine exemption. "Those who have completed overseas vaccination" 3 Even though you get exempted from 14days Self-Qurantine, you have to do 2 PCR test with in 7 days. GET EXEMPT AND CONDUCT TWO PCR TEST AT OUR " WELCOME HOUSE"

☑️ About

- This page is a where you can apply for exemption from self-quarantine for “Vaccinated abroad ”.

☑️ Application date

It is recommended to apply at least 1-2 weeks before entry in Korea.

☑️ For

A person who has been vaccinated for 2 weeks after receiving all the recommended number of vaccines in the same country without *ineligible countries
*Approved Vaccine Pfizer, Janssen, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Sinopharm and Covishield. *Ineligible countries
Those coming from countries experiencing the spread of certain COVID-19 variants are also ineligible for this exemption. South Africa, Malawi, Botswana, Mozambique, Tanzania, Eswatini (formerly Swaziland), Zimbabwe, Bangladesh, Equatorial Guinea, Brazil, Suriname, Paraguay, Chile, Uruguay, Colombia, Argentina and Malta (The list could change depending on how the global situation goes.)

☑️ Application process

1. Click 'APPLY'
2. Enter information and upload required documents
3. Receive email notification of service application completion

☑️ Required documents

According to the current quarantine exemption application procedure, the quarantine exemption application documents, vows, and vaccination certificate must be submitted to the screening agency (relevant ministries and diplomatic missions overseas).
① Passport
② Vaccination Certificate
③ PCR test negative confirmation issued within 72 hours of departure

☑️ Cautions

Reorganization of the Immigration Management System for Those Who Completed Overseas Vaccinations.
2 Additional PCR tests are required on the 1st day and 6-7 days after entry.
COVID-19 test is performed a total of 3 times* and the self-diagnosis app is mandatory to check whether clinical symptoms of COVID-19 occur every day.
If two weeks have passed since the completion of the COVID-19 vaccination in Korea, the quarantine is exempted if a foreigner who has left the country and enters the country.
In addition, overseas citizens, etc., are additionally recognized as exempt from isolation when they visit their immediate family (spouse, themselves and their immediate descendants) residing in Korea.
When overseas nationals, etc. apply for exemption from isolation for reasons such as visiting an immediate family member in Korea, they must submit an application for exemption from isolation, documentary evidence of family relations, vaccination certificate, and pledge to the diplomatic mission abroad.
 If a businessperson applies for exemption from quarantine for important business activities, the application is submitted through the Business Immigration Support Center (1566-8110, www.btsc.or.kr) Scheduled to

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