Four Thirty Three Creative Lab

The Hirediversity team contacted the company and confirmed the following:

This position can be applied regardless of nationality.
Korean language ability must be at least basic.
The company received an external investment of 171 billion won.
We have visited the company. It was clean and awesome.
One thing interesting was the lighting because it was dark overall, but the lighting was well used to create a bright atmosphere.
It has a listed company as a subsidiary.

What is Four Thirty Three Creative Lab?

Four Thirty Three Creative Lab (aka 네시삼십삼분) is a mobile game developing and publishing company founded in 2009. There are around 160 employees, including international employees. It has a variety of mobile games such as Boxing Star, Hwal, World Baseball Stars and many more.
The target audience of the mobile games developed by Four Thirty Three Creative Lab are the North American and European regions. Therefore, the company opens its doors to international talents who are passionate about mobile games and want to make the most demanded and fun games to the world. One of the key targets of the company in terms of working environments is to provide as much of a global and diverse working culture as possible.
The company states: We believe in you, we empower you, we reward you. This provides a lot of freedom to employees in implementing the ideas, and also requires a lot of responsibilty.

What Four Thirty Three Creative Lab expects from you.

Four Thirty Three Creative Lab has key requirements for the candidates, depending on the job title they are applying for:
Engineering and Technology – basic coding knowledge (C#, Unity or Smart Contracts on blockchain).
Arts – proficiency in Z-brush and drawing.
portfolio is the best way to prove
They also require you to speak basic Korean Language.

What you can expect from Four Thirty Three Creative Lab.

Four Thirty Three Creative Lab offers the 4 major insurance such as 국민연금, 고용보험, 산재보험 and 건강보험. They also provide all the necessary documents required to obtain working visa. Monthly self-development points (can be used to buy books/in-app purchases/Netflix/Disney Plus subscriptions and etc) The office is located in Seoul, where they have cafeteria,a sleeping room, gaming room (playstation, nintendo, ping pong etc.).

Job Description:

The open job description is in the page below. So if you are interested please click the page below.

Other information about Four Thirty Three Creative Lab.

source: naver
Subsidiaries have a market cap of 356 billion and the stock price is also on the rise these days.
source: google
This is the current state of the Korean game market. As you can see it has been rising at year 2020.