Hi Nature (Purito)

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source: Purito Youtube Channel

The HireDiversity team contacted the Company and confirmed the following:

They prefer people who use English as first language.
Korean language ability must be at least basic.

What is Hi Nature?

Hi Nature Co., Ltd. is a global company that operates and exports the natural skin care brand PURITO all over the world.
Hi Nature is a company with infinite growth because they are interested in expanding their company to other countries, specifically America, Europe, and Australia.

What Hi Nature expects from you.

Hi Nature prefers students who have working experience in Korea. At least internship will do. They prefer students who use English as their first language. They also prefer student from America, Europe or Australia because they need people who know the local culture the best.

What you can expect from Hi Nature.

Support fee : Lunch fee / Work-related education expenses and examination fees / Various Subsidies
Living : Culture day every month* / Premium coffee & snacks offered / Offer company products and employee discounts every even month.
Refresh : Annual Rest day & Half day / Summer Vacation / morning working hours during birthdays / 2 hours of going out every month
Company culture : free attire / most people are in 20~30s / equality culture
Working environment : Meeting room / window work place / focused office / cafeteria / relax room / company car
*Culture day happens from 2pm to 6pm engage friendship with the co-workers.

Other information about Hi Nature.

Hi Nature's brand PURITO has been acquired by the EWG as EWG verified last 2019. The selected products are the two popular products of PURITO. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) is the most influential non-profit environmental organization in the United States. EWG VERIFIED is a world-authoritative safety certification mark system that supplements the blind spots of the EWG rating system. All ingredients of the product must basically correspond to green grades (1~2) in EWG Skin Deep, pass the microbiological test and When mixing specific ingredients, the maximum content is rigorously verified. In addition, only products that have been verified to comply with the minimum wage and working hours of the manufacturer are given the EWG VERIFIED certification mark.
Location of the company is in Songdo Incheon