The Hirediversity team contacted the company and confirmed the following:

This position can be applied regardless of nationality.
Korean language ability must be at least basic.

What is Sentbe?

Sentbe is a company that helps Koreans outside the country and foreigners inside the country to transfer the money easier and better. According to their website:
Sentbe is creating finance without borders
As a fintech money transfer service, Sentbe provides an easier, faster, and more convenient way to transfer money abroad.
They have around 40 foreigners woking and the age rate is around 20~30s.

What Sentbe expects from you

A strong sense of responsibility is needed not only for work but also for visa management
A person with a strong sense of belonging
A person who had worked in a Korean company in the past (experienced)
A person who is familiar with Sentbe's service.

What you can expect from Sentbe.

They might provide dormitory or house for Ansan and Gimhae workers.

Other information about Sentbe.

They are supported by different companies.