FREE SIM-card! FREE delivery!

Upon collecting a SIM card, you'll be provided with a manual with information. Please read the manual carefully and keep it with you just in case.


Unlimited Data + Local call + SMS (Except International call)

LTE speed for first 300MB then 3Mbps unlimited After finishing 300MB, you will be able to continue using the sim card at 3Mbps speed with an unlimited plan.
SIM card extension
Please follow the below steps to extend the SIM card.: 1. Use the QR code in the envelope or use this link: General options 2. Make the payment via the bank account in the text message 3. Apply to auto bank transfer via the link below: [Link]
ARC + Phone connection
We will help you connect your phone number with your ARC ASAP once your ARC is out.
OPERATION HOUR: *Mon ~ Fri: 09:00 AM ~ 08:00 PM *Sat, Sun : 10:00 AM ~ 08:00 PM


Q. What should I do if the SIM card doesn’t work on my phone?
Please make sure to unlock your smartphone through your cellphone carrier before coming to Korea, especially if you are from the United States, Canada, or Japan. If your smartphone is locked, you CAN NOT use this sim card
If you have 2 SIM card slots. Please remove the one you used in your country. You should only put one Korean SIM card.
Please try to follow these below steps:
1. For those who are using iPhone/ Go to SETTINGS => CELLULAR => NETWORK SELECTION => TURN OF AUTOMATIC => Select the KOR SK Telecom. Turn-ON/OFF the phone 3~5times.
2. For those who are using Android/ Go to CONNECTIONS => MOBILE NETWORK => ACCESS POINT NAME => +add => Set the information below:
APN: lte.sktelecom.com MMSC: http://omms.nate.com:9082/oma_mms MMS proxy: lteoma.nate.com MMS port: 9093 MMS protocol: WAP2.0 MCC: 450 MNC: 05
(Other remaining information NOT SET )
Please be patient to set up the APN and make the SIM card recognized on your smartphone by on/off the phone because you are not using a Korean phone and the SIM card might not match with your smartphone!!
Q. How can I recharge or extend the SIM card for longer usage?
 Extension of SIM card is available.
Check the details via the below:
Q. What is ARC + Phone connection?
In the Korean ID verification system, your passport information will not match your ARC information. Any prepaid SIM card number can't be verified online for internet shopping, food delivery in Korea, or vaccination... You will be able to get the QR code, apply for the vaccine pass, and verify any online app. Please wait until your ARC is out, we will connect your phone number with your ARC ASAP.
How can I link my phone number to ARC after receiving ARC?
Please use the link below:
Q. What kind of network operator of my SIM card?
You are having SKT 알뜰폰 SIM card (MVNO)
Q. How can I get the Kakao or Naver QR code for the vaccine pass?
You need to connect your ARC with your phone number first so please wait until the ARC is issued.
what should I do If I want to make the international call?
You need to buy an additional package to use international call, please check the price details via the link below:
How can I register for the auto-transfer if I don’t want to make the payment manually?
Please use the link below to apply for the auto-transfer:

 Refund Policy

Refund Policy
Service Type
Services that are explicitly stated to be non-refundable at the time of service request
Not refundable
Due to customer's error, service can not be completed
Not refundable
Date plan fee
Not refundable

Refund Service Fee

There is a 10% service fee for each cancellation request, regardless of the date of cancellation.
When using overseas payment, the KEB(하나) Bank exchange rate standard applies and refunds are made in ** Korean Won.

Refund Period

When a refund has a valid reason, the date of payment shall prevail and a refund can be made when requested within 7 days.