You can stay in Korea until October 14th (SNU)

Application is closed.

Period of departure from Korea

Regardless of the expiration date on the back part of your ARC, you must leave Korea within 30 days after the school terminates your semester in Korea.
As announced from Seoul National University, you can stay in Korea until September 14th.
Thus, you need to leave before September 14th.
source: email from SNU

Extension of Stay for departure

If you are planning to leave Korea after September 14th, you have to apply for an extension of stay for departure.
You can extend up to 30 days if you apply for the extension of stay for departure.
Thus, you can stay in Korea until October 14th.
The conditions for applying are as follows:
If there are no flights, ships, etc. to leave the country.
Where it is impossible to leave Korea due to an accident, disease, etc
Travel Purposes ← new!
On May 10th, 2022, the Korean government changed its regulations and added tourism purposes.
So you can travel, relax and enjoy more Korea before going back to your home country.
You may find the Official document it is in Korean.
출국기간연장 변경 안내문 (국문).pdf
Please note that only travel purposes are applicable!

What you should do

Please read the following guideline below and find the information you need:
Documents needed:
Lease Contract
The contract term must end after October 14th
Plane Ticket
Departure must be after October 14th
Reason of Extension
Please state your reason for the extension.
ex) I would like to extend my stay because I am planning to travel to Busan until October 27th and leave Korea by Oct. 28th.
You can do it yourself!
Visit the immigration office
Address: 서울시 양천구 목동동로 151
(Mokdongdongro 151 Yangcheongu, Seoul)
Visit HiKorea website
*Please be noted that your application should be accepted by immigration before September 14th.
We can help you apply on behalf:
Prepare your HiKorea ID and password
If you don’t have an account please make one.
Hirevisa can help you make an account. You can apply for the HiKorea Account in the form.
Click the “Apply” button
*It is free.
*Application period is until August 31st

I want to book a flight ticket

Hirevisa can help you book plane tickets if you have not booked any flight tickets.

I want an accommodation

Hirevisa can help you with the accommodations if you are planning to extend your stay.
if you have questions about the plane ticket or accommodations please inquire: official@hirediversity.club

Please be informed that:

The application may or may not be accepted by the immigration.
It will differ from your departure date.