Please read the following information carefully.


Exchange students
Degree (except the Exchange students)

Application Period

Click the APPLY button to follow the entire process. The application deadline time is 18:00 .
Hirevisa will send you an email after confirming the new application.
If you have supplementary documents, please read the e-mail carefully and supplement it.
Please wait for the fingerprint registration announcement.
Please wait for the RC(ARC) pick-up announcement.
* You should at least 5 steps of emais during the application.
Please follow the email procedure.


 Only students who enter Korea can apply for the issuance of ARC.
If you apply before entering the country, you cannot get a refund after canceling the application for issuing a foreign registration card.
Please pay attention to the complementary deadline.
Exchange students → 1st: 9. 3 18:00 , 2nd : 9. 30 18:00
Bachelor (except the Exchange students)1st:9. 7 18:00 , 2nd : 9. 21 18:00
If it is not supplemented by the supplementary deadline, it will automatically switch from 1st → 2nd and 2nd → personal visits.
You cannot get a refund for the fee, and Hirevisa will do the payment on behalf of you.
Students do not need to pay separately at the immigration office.
Short-term visitors, such as F-4 visas, pure and group tours (C-3-2), medical tourism (C-3-3), and general tourism (C-3-9), must visit the immigration office in person and apply.
All documents can only be submitted scanned files with a scanner or app, not photographed.
If you take pictures and find it difficult to identify the contents of the document, you may be subject to rejection at the immigration office, so please submit only the scanned file.

Free Scan App

List of required documents and examples


The student who submitted all the documents perfectly Free of charge for applying for extension of Hirevisa if you extend your alien registration card!
If Hirevisa and the Immigration Office completely submit all documents at once without receiving a request for supplementary documents, the expiration date of the alien registration card shall be extended
*All final decisions is with Hirevisa

1. Residence Documents

You must submit your residence documents for a contract period of 30 days or more so that you do not have to move during the application period.
  CLICK! Dormitory
  CLICK! Individual residence (individual contract)
  CLICK! Gosiwon/Guest House
  CLICK! friend/Acquaintance's house
  CLICK! Airbnb
  CLICK! Boarding/share house

2. ID Photo

This is the photo that will be used on the alien registration card.
Please choose your photo carefully.
Please send a photo ID from the last 3 months!!!
3.5cm x 4.5cm size
Must be on a white background and ears must be seen
  NO same photo as the passport
  NO to taking picture of printed photos.
  NO non-white background
  NO taking picture of computer screen
  NO blurry pictures
NO ID photo taken more than 3 months ago

3. Passport copy

Please include the code below in your passport!!!
No fingers or shadows must appear
  Cut off code below
Tilted or not facing front

4. Certificate of Enrollment

For exchange studnts:
No necesary to submit the Certificate of Enrollment.
For Bachelor (except the Exchange students)
Kingo login → certificate printout → enrollment certificate printable
2nd Engineering Building 26-1F, 26108 Opposite/ Student Hall 1st Floor General Administration Office Entrance/ Dormitory New Building B Can be issued next to Domino Pizza
Can be issued by the General Administration Office on the 1st floor of the student center"

5. International student financial maintanence confirmation

Please press and hold the template below to save it, then fill out and submit.

GKS Scholarship Certificate (part of srudents)

GKS Global Korea Scholarship (정부 초청 장학생)
It is not an on-campus scholarship. Only foreign students invited by the Korean government should submit the scholarship certificate.


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